Have you got any questions? Be sure to check this FAQ!

On this page we’ve placed the questions we get asked most frequently. So, before sending us a message through the contact form check if the answer hasn’t already been given on this page. If it’s not, feel free to send us a message!

Question How do I purchase your products?
AnswerJust go the product page you want to get, click “Add to cart” -> go to your “Shopping Cart” (Top right corner) and click “Checkout”. Then just follow the instructions.
Question How to apply a discount code?
AnswerJust put the discount code in the special text field on the upper part of the Checkout page.
Question How to download your products?
AnswerIn case the order was proceeded successfully you will recieve an email with download, or you can also go to the “Downloads” section under your account on our webstore.
Question I've placed an order but I cannot see the pack anywhere and I also didn't recieve a confirmation email.
AnswerSometimes we have to manually approve the order. If something like this happens to you the easiest way to solve it is to write us a short message to EMAIL and we will confirm your order.
Question How long will it take you to create a full ghost production?
AnswerThis depends on the amount of orders we receive. In most cases you will get your personalized ghost production in 4-8 weeks, but if this differs we will let you know.
Question What will be included in the end-result?
AnswerWe provide you a ZIP file with the following things included:

Mastered MP3/WAV files

Unmastered MP3/WAV files

A fully organized FLP


MIDI Files [On request]

VST presets on request [On request]

Question How much influence will I have in the process of creating the song?
AnswerFirst of all you can personalize your track on our web shop.

  • Choose between multiple genres.
  • Add your favourite songs.
  • Come up with your own ideas and enter them in the comment section during checkout.

After ordering a track we will send previews (from the begin till the end of the process) to your mail. Leave new ideas, change your ideas*, it is all possible. Do you want us to combine your own samples/loops in your track? This is also possible, just mention this in a mail.

*Once the track is finished we will not do any major changes.

Question Is there a chance to get a decent label release?
AnswerYes, our music has been published by many labels which have reached over millions of streams.
Question Is my name/privacy save in your hands?
AnswerIt is! As a company we will keep your information secret. We use your information to optimize your track and experience, but we keep your information save. Secret is not just our name, it’s a part of our company.
Question Will there be a contract regarding the payment and copyrights?
AnswerWe are currently working on a contract to make information and rules about payment and copyrights clear.