About us

Hello, we are HB Secret Productions.
A Ghost Production company which specializes in Electronic Dance Music!

HB Secret Productions offers quality ghost productions for a low price. Due to multiple years of experience in the EDM scene HB Secret Productions is able to create anything you like! It is guaranteed that our work is the best out there! There is always an option to change your track and tweak it to updates before sending you the final product.

As well as ghost productions, HB Secret Productions also offers quality and cheap promotion. HB Secret Productions has contact with various big networks on SoundCloud, resulting in certain publicity and real-people-engagement. Do you feel like your track deserves more attention? However you are not willing to spend a lot of money on it? HB Secret Productions’ promotion service is what you need!

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HB Secret Productions always strives for the best quality. That’s what HB Secret Production does with a team of professional producers! With years of experience in the EDM industry HB Secret Productions can assure you that you’ll get the quality and the best ‘bang for the buck’ you deserve!


Do you want specific sounds or elements to be present in your ghostproduction? That’s possible! Due to our high amount of experience, HB Secret Productions is able to make nearly everything you wish for! Have you changed your mind about certain ideas? We change everything to your wishes in updates, which are sent via a personal mail.


Our ghostproduction price/quality ratio is outstanding compared to other services. All prices include the FLP, (un)mastered files – WAV & MP3 and stems. The price you see is the price you’ll have to pay, without any additional costs.
Have you got any questions left? Feel free to contact us.

Personal Assistance

As a customer you are our top priority. To achieve the best result we offer personal assistance in your music career once you order a ghostproduction. So, are you having trouble with building an audience? Can’t you get the support you deserve? Then we are here to answer all your questions with advice!


Know what you buy. Listen to our previews.

Before you order one of our ghostproductions, make sure to listen to our quality standards! This is what you can expect from our service.